REVX is trendsetting new breed of electric motorcycle, ready to get you anywhere you want to go at any time. Opening new spaces and possibilities, for you to enjoy from then beginners to performance riders. REVX is to your command. Precision handling lightweight controllable power with long range batteries.
Let’s talk about power andperformance for little bit. Of course the data and numbers are important, but what do they mean in reality. Let’s talk about the real life experience and what do we want from our motorcycle. Number one is comfort and ease of control the natural feel of the bike like it’s part of you, that is what’s important. This is what we accomplished with REVX, something that feels natural. No matter what you been riding before, when you get on REVX you will immediately feel that everything is where it supposed to be. That was the most complicated process in designing REVX. REVX has the largest battery that will fit in, with few stops for refreshment or just to get your strength back you can be riding for more than 3 hours through the mountains and at that point you will have probably more than 20 km off-road riding in your hands and legs. The battery won’t be empty but you will. Well you got the point. Don’t get disappointed that you cannot do cross country riding, REVX is not made for that, but it is capable to get you tired that you won’t be able to ride anymore in 10 minutes, that’s the truth. Can you ride steep hills with REVX ? Yes you can if you can handle it yourself. Can REVX go fast ? Yes it can fast enough to get scared. Can REVX go on motocross track ? Yes and it will be fun. Can my 12 year old son ride it ? Yes he can and he can learn a lot of things on motorbike. Can my lovely wife ride it ? Yes she can and she won’t be scared. Can you take your father out for riding with you ? Yes you can and you will have great memories. But you need two REVX. This is what performance means to us

What is REVX

Is the new REVX new trend setting breed of electric motorcycle let’s look at the facts. Besides being just an electric motorcycle, revx is offering some unique features that other motorcycles are not. It’s lightweight . It is easy to transport and stored. Are you living in big city with limited storage place well keep it at your home or apartment, It is totally clean no oil leaks or fumes of any kind. It’s size allows REVX to be transported with ease inside your average family wagon or minivan. Do you want to go and have fun or exercise after long day at work REVX it’s always ready for you on your command. Are you afraid of regular motorcycle because it’s size or power or weigt, on REVX you will feel more comfortable and experience the feel of riding. The REVX geometry, precision handling and power management makes the learning curve very short and in just few minutes you will do things that you thought impossible on different motorbikes. Have you ever wanted to be part of sport events like a motocros race and be support to your team or just a visitor with REVX you can do that too. Do you think that vacations at the Sea resort or in the mountains cannot be any more exciting, take your REVX with you and you will see. Or just go see and explore the place where you live take your camera and go to take photographs of sunrise early in the morning from top of the hill and let your friendly neighbours sleep while you’re riding by there home. That’s what the REVX is. It is your friendly electric motorcycle and it’s up to your imagination how are you going to use it. This is why we created REVX




Motorbike geometry

  • Length: 1.780 mm
  • Width: 430 mm (footboard), 820 mm (handlerbar)
  • Seat Height: 880 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1.240 mm
  • Minimum ground distance: 320 mm
  • Weight: 52 kg
  • Axle weight distribution 26 kg : 26 kg (front : rear)
  • Maximum load weight: 100 kg
  • Frame: Unique RevX aluminium frame

Performance | Transmission

  • Power: 10 – 15 kW (17 kW Extrem map)
  • Max speed: 60 – 90 km/h
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion 54V, 48 Ah 13S16P
  • Motor max. speed: 6.000 – 15.000 rpm
  • Cooling: Rotor forced air cooling
  • Climbing angle: 69°
  • Range: 100 km depending on speed and selected mode / 2,5 hours in terrain / 1 hours mode Extrem
  • Max. Whell torque: 41,5 / 475 Nm (motor / on the rear wheel)
  • Transmission type and ratio: 7:1 / 10:1
  • Drive: chain 420
  • Front suspension: Manitou Dorado Expert / 200 mm
  • Rear suspension: Elka / 180 mm
  • Recuperation: Yes
  • Charging time: 2,5 – 3,5 hours
  • Power Modes: Eco, Sport, Racing

Tires & brakes

  • Front tire: 70-100-19 / 26 x 2,6″
  • Rear tire: 90-100-16 / 70-100-19
  • Front brake: Four-piston hydraulic disc
  • Rear brake: Four-piston hydraulic disc

Info about us

We have more than 25 years of experience with electric mobility. Over the years we have made thousands of high performance frames for mountain biking, the MRAZEK CYCLES. And now our goal is to make the best possible  products of the highest quality possible. Using high performance parts and advanced technology, so you as a customer don’t have to worry about service or upgrading components. All this requires a lot  of work, time and resources. All the development testing and manufacturing is done in house. This is the only way to keep the quality under control. No corners are cut here.